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Achieve sales
goals online!

The world is changing, digital reality is becoming a part of every sphere of life.
Every reputable company or institution that wants to develop and wants to facilitate communication with customers and users must exist on the Internet.

Stable and powerful engine

Drupal 8 is one of the best and safest platforms for building large websites and web applications.
It is a system based on advanced and latest technologies, including Symfony and Twig.

What do you need
to build an attractive and well-functioning Web Site?

HOSTING -We offer advanced servers located in modern hosting centers. Depending on the real needs of the client, we select the appropriate service packages, often proposing dedicated solutions.

CMS - Drupal is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) that allows non-programmers to easily create and edit pages. Drupal, based on the PHP scripting language, offers a rich library of interactive modules, making it a very flexible system. It is an ideal tool for both beginners and more advanced users.

MOCKUP - The mockup is a visual representation of the key elements of the website.
Contains information layout, navigation and planned functions - all that
decides about the usability of the website.

Benefits of creating mockups and prototypes:
It is possible to obtain the maximum usability of the website before it is physically created.
Optimal arrangement of elements, their size and presentation.
Focusing on verification and refining the layout of elements and modules on the website, not on the acceptance of graphic design and shades. Elimination of possible usability errors at a very early stage of implementation.

GRAPHIC DESIGN - An internet service is often the first contact of a potential customer with a company, which is why it is important to design and implement the appropriate graphic layout. It is important that it is not only legible and in accordance with UX rules, i.e., that the recipient can move without problems on our website. But also to get interested in the audience and raise positive emotions in them. Website graphics should be consistent with the company's image strategy.

LEGAL ASPECTS – GDPR - What is the reason for IT requirements for entrepreneurs? First and foremost, they must ensure that personal data is stored and processed in a safe manner and that there are specific patterns of operation.

CONSULTING -  The market is filled with various solutions and often it is not known which solution is appropriate. We implement consulting projects in which we help to choose the best solution that meets the needs of our clients. Experience allows us to avoid many problems resulting from the implementation of a given solution.

Web Creations


An extensive website with a rich development offer

An extensive website with a rich development offer

A multilingual website

An advanced tool for configuring door panels

City portal

The database of samples of construction products

Tourist information portal

Portal with a developed area for investors

An advanced portal with graphs of individual funds

Extended website of the stock company

Sales platform

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